Monday, March 3, 2014

To author and fellow bloggers


To authors and fellow bloggers...

As I said before on my page, I will not tolerate bullying! There is so much bullying going on in the book community and it's just sad. We're grown-ups, not children. We're here to lift each other up and help one another reach our goals. Not to crush hopes, smash dreams!! It hurt's my heart to hear all these stories. Amazing authors and bloggers are being targeted and for what?

As a blogger and reviewer, I will never write a negative review. I will always find a bright side, even if I have to dig for it. Who am I to say that a certain book sucked? I can't even write a book! So these authors are doing a lot better than me at the moment. At least they can get their words to paper... mine are stuck. So you will never see me bashing an author or fellow blogger. Authors are my rock stars, they are the ones who make me "Fan girl out" and scream. Their books are my pride and joy's. I love them all and thank them for letting me escape my everyday by emerging myself in their world. Because of them, I am sane and my children are alive... joking on the last part... maybe.

I will never talk down to another blogger/Facebook page owner. They are the reason I started my pages. They are why I am now here. I love going on other sites and reading their reviews. I look at theirs and think, "I wish I could write mine like that." I love getting book recommendation from them. I will not sit behind my computer and curse them, talk about them, because they got a certain author to come on their page, got a certain book or so on. I will have that one day. We all started somewhere. I praise those who are reaching so many people, telling them about all these amazing books. I can only hope I will reach people like they have.



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  1. YES!! My new campaign against this is called Don't Hate~ELEVATE!!! We must stick together and take a stand against this childish behavior. If we can't support and lift one another up, then why are we even here?

    Thank you for posting this!! You are AWESOME!! ♥