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♕ REVIEW of Trailer Park Princess ♕

♕ Review of Trailer Park Princess by Delia Steele

Title: Trailer Park Princess  Author: Delia Steele
Publication: AVAILABLE NOW

*This book is suited best for readers over the age of 17 due to sexual content and some language, as well as a few different types of abuse that are rarely talked about: Verbal, Mental, and to some extent, Sexual and Physical*

One man's trash is another man's treasure!

Aurora (Rory) isn't your typical girl next door. Not unless your house has wheels under it. Having to be the grown-up in her home and taking care of her little brother, Thax. Rory doesn't know life any other way.
Being in a new place isn't easy for Rory, but all that changes when she meets Toby. The All American Douche bag (Sorry, but you'll learn and agree with me!)

Having the 'Golden Boy' who has a five year plan and a future as your boyfriend is huge, especially if your the girl from the wrong side of the tracks.

Toby. Toby is someone I would like to lung punch. Sorry, I got sidetracked... back to it!

With months passing and new hurdles popping up in their way. Rory will see sides of Toby she didn't know existed, or just didn't want to admit to.

The boy who was suppose to be her knight in shinning armor from across the tracks. Isn't that at all. With sweet nothings and promises of a better life and leaving the trailer park behind... he gave her promises he couldn't keep, or maybe he never had the intention to.

"You're beautiful, baby. Your eyes are so amazing. The first time I ever say you, I belonged to you."- Toby

When Rory needed someone the most, that's when the hot guy from a few trailers down enters her life. Rome... or should I say Romeo? He will help heal the horrible wounds Toby has created.

"Goodbye, my first lust: hello, my first love."- Rory

Rome and Rory are two peas in a pod (DO YOU LIKE THAT ) Having grown up just alike and stepping in to raise their siblings. They will create an unbreakable bond. He's her Knight on a bike!

"I will wait...I will wait for you."- Rome

Year's passing, wounds closing and hearts opening. Their life is finally perfect with their four pod. But in Rory's world, perfect doesn't last.

"Toby was my best mistake. But he was the road that lead me home."- Rory

The arrival of Toby, everything will change. Secrets will be reveal and mistakes will be corrected, but will Rory be able to forget and forgive?

 Trailer Park Princess is an AMAZE-BALL story. I LOVED and devoured it! Rory is such a great character. She has everything one needs to be awesome. She is flawed and add in her nervous habit, she is like any normal girl. Toby... I still hate him, but maybe a little less. Yeah, I said it! He redeemed his self in the end, but I would still like to lung punch him and maybe put a crown on him and have him parade around the trailer park. Oh yeah! I like that idea!!! The things he said and did pissed me off. Rome, oh Romeo! Hell yeah! Can I have him? He comes in right when Rory needed him and stepped up when he didn't have to. Only if some men where like this fictional character. Mando- I have a girl crush on her. She's funny as hell and gives the story the little craziness it needs.  

Mando is like the Unikitty from the Lego's Movie. Ha, I like that!  Throwing sparkles and shit, but will bite you if you mess with her loved ones. 

What I really enjoyed about this story is it's resembles real life. There is a girl out there like Rory. I was a trailer park princess for at one time and I wore my crown proudly. There are parts that will make you laugh your ass off. Parts you will want to scream and possibly cry. Delia wrote such a great, witty, funny, loving and diverse story. She gives us everything we could possibly want and need in a book... and wraps it up in a thrift store bow. 5 huge sparkly stars for this book!

Quotes from Mando that made me crack up-

"I'll be the Hispanic version of ANA, and all the boys will want to spank me."

"Ha! Rory, I see your coochie, and there is a head in it."
New words I learned:

 *Twat Snot
*Douche Discharge

You want this awesome story? Well, push this!

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