Wednesday, March 19, 2014

* REVIEW of Cup Of Sugar *

* Review of Cup of Sugar by Karla Doyle *

Title: Cup Of Sugar  Author: Karla Doyle
Publication Date: AVAILABLE NOW  

Having a cute neighbor is anything but awesome, especially if your Nia

Nia has one rule she lives by... Never date your neighbor. Having already went down that path once before, she'll never find herself in that situation again. But having Conn as her neighbor will have her thinking about saying screw that rule.
Nia has watched Conn from afar. It's not like she can't. He keeps his bathroom widow wide open and she just so happens can't look away. Conn has watched her too. They both have been eying one another.
Oh her way to her family's house for New Years, Nia, finds her car will not start. Conn being the friendly, sexy neighbor he is, he offers her a ride to her parents... which is hours away.
While her family's house, Nia and Conn will become a little closer. Having her sister give her a few words to think about... Taking chances, following her heart and do crazy shit. She'll do a few of those.
The weekend ending and lines crossed and her rule broken, where will this take them?
Trying to stick to her guns of not dating her neighbors, or even having sex with them.. Conn is a hard one to forget.
With each of them going back and forth, feelings starting to show, Nia will find her self giving in, but is Conn really the guy he's made his self out to be? Can she trust him. Should she just forget it all and go back to being the friendly neighbor who waves hi and bye and can ask for a cup of sugar?

Cup Of Sugar is a funny and sexy read. I think all of us has been there with having that sexy neighbor and trying not to cross that line... and some of us do. The characters are written well and the author makes them to where you will like and enjoy them. I did feel like there was a little bit of too much back and forth between Conn and Nia, which made me zone out a few times. There were some really hot scene that will make you fan yourself off and probably call for your husband. I'm excited to read the next book that is coming out in May. I give this book 4 stars


  1. Thanks for reading Cup of Sugar, and for the nice review! I'm so happy you enjoyed Conn & Nia's story, and that you're looking forward to Book 2 of the series. :)


    1. You're so welcome!! Can't wait for the next one. Sorry, I need to proof read my reviews more... had to fix a few words. Lol.