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* REVIEW of Not Enough *

* Review of Not Enough by Leigh Ann Lunsford *

Title: Not Enough  Author: Leigh Ann Lunsford
Series: YES  Publication Date: AVAILABLE NOW

Once you think about something enough, you will ingrain it into your head and life.

Brielle Park's life has been anything but normal. She has always felt like she isn't enough. She never was for her parents and couldn't be enough for her grandfather. If only she could be enough to someone.

Graduating a year early and coming back home to her siblings is all Brielle wants to do. Screw the extra year away. She'd rather be surrounded by those she love and back on the farm.

Helping her older sister, Abby, raise her two younger siblings is all Brielle wants to do, besides Cheering.

Never being enough for the people she loves has hindered Brielle in a lot of ways.
With Colby walking into her and her family's life, he will have her rethinking her feelings. Colby makes Brielle feel as if she's enough and more.

Can Brielle let her walls down and let Colby in? Can they both get over the hurdles in their way and live the life they want? Or will their mistakes be too much to over come?

Not Enough is one of those books that grab you and doesn't let go till the very end. Hell, even a few days after I finished I was still thinking about this story. The author gives us the readers, everything we could possibly want in a story. Brielle is a stubborn headed, funny and smart character. She's like a momma bear to her siblings. Seriously, her character is a breath of fresh air. Thank you Leigh for giving us a character like her! Colby is, well damn... I just LOVE him! It's easy as that. All the other characters build this story too, it's a well rounded cast. They each bring their own to this story. Not Enough touches on some real life situations. I know we all at some point have felt like Brielle, like we're never enough for someone... I know I have. And Ladies, this is a story that doesn't have us hanging with a cliffhanger. It's truly a store of HEA. I give this book 5 STARS!!!

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