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All Our Love

Compiled by

Novel Grounds

Release: March 11th, 2014

Genre: Romance


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Rene Folsom, Brooke Cumberland, Juli Valenti, Melissa Collins, Felicia Tatum, S. L. Dearing, Jettie Woodruff, Marie DeStafino-Wathen, Brandy L Rivers, Sarah M.Cradit, Vicki Green


Love stories. Moments that make your heart flutter. Scenes that have you holding your breath. Coveted admissions of love that you just can’t wait to be confessed. This is a collection of stories that center on matters of the heart, overwhelming feelings of love, and stories that make you stop to re-read those breathtaking moments between your favorite characters. Be it the angst, the turmoil, or the first kiss, these are stories that speak to your soul and warm you to your core. Eleven authors, eleven stories, eleven special moments—brought to you with ALL OUR LOVE.



All Roads Lead To Jackson by Juli Valenti

Raven is running from her past and isn't looking back. When her luck runs out on a deserted highway and all alone. When Jackson shows up in his big truck and Southern charm, he helps the stranded girl. With a hurt leg, no car, Raven is stranded in Jackson's small town. With feeling's blossoming on both sides, will Raven give in or keep running.

Rate 4 stars.

Bad Girlfriend by Brooke Cumberland

Newly single and heading to her cousin's wedding, Kate will try to check off a few items on her bucket list. Kate is keeping a secret to herself, but meeting Gabe, he will help her reveal it and finish her Bucket List . For Kate, being a bad girlfriend took her to her future and let her live in the present.

Rate 5 stars

Coming Home by Melissa Collins

Sophie would never guessed in a million years that Rhys, her first love, first everything would pop back up in her life after eight years apart. In the middle of the Barbie ale of Target her past comes back to her. They are both the last person they each thought they would see. Being teen's and keeping their relationship a secret from her parent, are who they use to be. Now grown, Rhys want's answers to why she left without saying anything. Can they both get closure? Can they be friends or will their past with each other decided it for them.

Rate 4.5 stars

Cora's Plantation by Jettie Woodruff

How much can you take before you can't take anymore? Kadyn's life has been planed for her, but this year she's saying no to her parents and spending Christmas with her grandmother on her plantation. While there, she meet's Anderson a stranger who has showed up out of know where. She can tell he's up to no good and want's to get to the bottom of it. With both being stuck with each other on Christmas at the plantation, the truth will come out and feelings will grow. Can both Kadyn and Anderson tell the people in their life to shove it, so they can live it the way they want?

Rate 4 stars

Fated Love by Brandy L. Rivers

He's been dreaming of her, but too afraid to ask her out. She picks all the wrong guys, while the right one has been in front of her the whole time. In a town where beast roam, Christian will help Delilah. While in trouble, Christian will help and lead her, be right by her side. Can these two people who have feelings for one another finally admit it?

Rate 4 stars

Have My Heart by Rene Folsom

Love doesn't discriminate, love knows no colors. For Gwen, there is no truer words. She's fallen for the guy next door, Blake, who isn't the same color as her. Gwen can't let her feelings be known, so she turns to her diary to spill her secrets. When hateful words are spewed by a close friend of hers, she has to pull herself away from Blake and his daughter Maya, for their sake. With pain eating at her from stopping the relationship they had blooming, can Blake make her see that color doesn't matter, or what others think?

Rate 5 stars

Home Again by Vicki Green

Having made a perfect life for themselfs in a small town that brough them together, Hutch and Zoey are happy than ever, but when a family friend comes into town, it will throw Hutch into a depression. Drowing his self in alcohol and forgetting about the three important people in his life. Zoey doens't know what to do, why Hutch is acting this way. Why wont he just talk to her? When she is finally done, can he win her back, or will it be too late for the sorry's.

Rate 4 stars

Masked Encounters: Extended Edition Intoxicatin Passion #1 by Felicia Tatum

She's broken and he's closed off. One fateful encounter on Halloween at a masked party they will meet. Dane is the college playboy, screwing anyone he can and discarding them after. Korah hasn't met the right one and probalbly never will. He's seen her and had to have her. The angel in white will meet Zoro, one encounter and it's changed him. How she is, he doesn't know, she ran out, never revealing herself. Can he find his Angel Eye's?

Rate 5 stars

No Details by Marie Wathen

On a road trip with her two best friends making memories. Cheney, doesn't date, that's her rule, but one night at a bar will change all that when she meets Ace. Will she give in, or stick to her rules? Will he be able to make her at least bend them?

Rate 4 stars

Surrender by Sarah M. Cradit

Having a crush on your bestfriend can suck, especially when he doens't know. Anasofiya, doesn't know how Oz feels about her, could he feel the same? Could they both be secretly holding in their feeling for each other? On prom night, Oz has a date and it isn't Ana. Prom will change everthing for both of them, but for the best or the worse?

Rate 5 stars

The One by S.L. Dearing

With Kate tagging along with her bestfriend to an art show, where her freind is trying to get the artist, Matt. While Kate doesn't know the art she is looking at is Matts, he approches her and starts up a conversation. Can it be love at first sight, or will Kate just try to help her friend out to try to land the arts, or will she land him instead?

Rate 5 stars

All Our Love has 11 great amazing short stories, I fell in love with all of them and they all sucked me in in their own way. I love this idea, and wish more authors would do this. Some of my favorite authors were involved and I hope some will take their short story and branch out. I need a few of them, I need to find out more about these characters we meet. Each and every story is it's own, but with the same twist, LOVE! No one of them are the same. I have my favorites, but I will not say. One of them made me ball my eye's out and I so badly want more from that one, Bad Girlfriend. I need more of their story. Please, please, please give up more of Kate and Gabe. Wow, that story seriously rocked me. I applaud Novel Grounds for putting together all these amazing authors and their stories, what a great idea.

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