About this reviewer

Welcome! Thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope you enjoy it.  My name is Cassie, I'm 28 and I'm a book nerd and love it. I'm a married mother of two amazing kids. My life revolves around them and books. You'll never find me with out my Kindle, which is always on me, or a book. My Kindle is my baby, my third one.

I've been a reviewer for almost two years with another blog. So, this isn't something new to me, I've been in this world for a while and just decided to start my own blog and Facebook page.

Authors are my rock stars and I look up to you all. You give me and everyone else a way to get out of our daily life's and enter the one's you made. I truly bow down to you all! You rock my socks off!

Thank you to my followers and to all the amazing authors that stop by.



  1. So glad to see this! Congratulations on getting it all set up. I look forward to reading your reviews!

  2. Good luck and sharing on A League of Independent Writers!

  3. It was great meeting you and your mom. I was happy to see your enthusiasm about reading! You rock!