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**RELEASE BLITZ WITH REVIEW** My Famous Frenemy by Piper Rayne

Release Date: January 25

Hollywood heartthrob, Gavin Price invaded our small town, Sunrise Bay, like he owned it.

Gavin was my biggest celebrity crush when I was young. He bears the charisma of an easygoing boy-next-door mixed with a rule-breaker personality both in person and on screen.

For a moment, I thought maybe my fairy godmother sent him to me.

Until he decided to run against my mother for mayor.

Everyone in our town knows my mom’s happiness comes before my own, so I take it as my personal mission to show him who really runs this town.

I just didn’t realize that being my mom’s right-hand woman would put me in such close proximity to him. Very quickly, I question whether he wants to win the mayoral race or me.

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Tonya's Review
5 Stars

This is the sixth book in the Greene Family series.  I do highly suggest you read them in order. Just so that you get the complete feel for the family.
This is Posey's story.
And Gavin.  We can't forget about him.  I mean he did almost run her over in a previous book.
Of course Ethel and Dori play parts in this.  
You will have some great laughs while reading this.
You'll also be a little worried after reading the last few chapters.
I kinda wanna slap Xavier, even though we don't know what's going on with him and Clara yet.
This is a great read!

Meet Piper Rayne: 

Piper Rayne, or Piper and Rayne, whichever you prefer because we're not one 
author, we're two. Yep, you get two USA Today Bestselling authors for the price of one. Our goal is to bring you romance stories that have "Heartwarming Humor With a Side of Sizzle" (okay...you caught us, that's our tagline). 

A little about us.... We both have kindle's full of one-clickable books. We're both married to husbands who drive us to drink. We're both chauffeurs to our kids. Most of all, we love hot heroes and quirky heroines that make us laugh, and we hope you do, too. 

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**RELEASE BLITZ WITH REVIEW** Always Someone's Monster by Lani Lynn Vale


Always Someone’s Monster

Battle Crows MC, Book 1

Lani Lynn Vale

Release Date: January 25, 2022


About the Book

A few years ago, when his sister went missing, Haggard Crow turned into something he never wanted to be. A killer.


Even after his sister is rescued a year after she was kidnapped and sold, Haggard ‘Thief’ Crow doesn’t have any plans on changing. He sort of likes the zero fucks given guy that he is now.

Bonus points, he saves women and children from extreme situations, along with his club and real life brothers by his side.


After a horrible marriage, Haggard has zero plans of ever finding a woman again. One-night stands not counting, he adores his life as a single man. There are no expectations. No ‘where are yous’ and ‘are you coming homes.’


The life he chooses to live is a simple one. Until he makes a huge mistake, and he steps over that line between ‘daughter’s best friend’ and ‘a woman he desperately wants.’


Before long, he can’t stop thinking about her. Can’t stop wanting her. Can’t stop feeling things for her that a man twenty years her senior should never feel for a girl he watched grow up.

After one lapse in judgment, he decides she needs to go. But the funny thing is, he never expected Sophia Madden to fight back. And dirty at that.


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Amazon: https://amzn.to/2YOCH4b

Apple: https://apple.co/3v80Squ

Nook: https://bit.ly/3BGZihS

Kobo:  https://bit.ly/3n90If9




Add to your TBR: https://bit.ly/3BGUrgG

Tonya's Review
5 Stars

This is the first book in the Battle Crows MC series.  now if you've read Madd Crossfit series, you've met both Haggard and Sophia.
I just want to say that it will be hard for ANY book to top this one.  If it's not my top read for 2022, it will be shocking.
There's so much I want to say.  But I can't because it would give things away.
This book will guy you!  Have a full box of tissues with you.  And don't read unless you're home.  I read it at work and had customers asking me if I was okay.  I sooooo wasn't okay.
I love Lani, but sometimes I hate her as well.  She can make me feel too much and get to attached to the worlds she creates.
This is an amazing read that will have you in your feelings a few times.
I understand why the story went in the direction it did, but I still want to scream "NOOOO!!"  and "Why??!!"
Top read of the year and I already want to re-read it!

Friday, January 14, 2022

**REVIEW TOUR** The Summer Proposal by Vi Keeland

Title: The Summer Proposal
Author: Vi Keeland
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 10, 2022


The first time I met Max Yearwood was on a blind date.
Max was insanely gorgeous, funny, and our chemistry was off the charts. He also had the biggest dimples I’d ever laid eyes on.
Exactly what I needed after my breakup.
Or so I thought…
Until my real date arrived.
Turned out, Max wasn’t who I was there to meet. He only pretended to be until my real date showed up.
To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.
Before he left, he slipped me a ticket to a hockey game a few blocks away, in case things didn’t work out on my actual date.
I tossed the ticket into my purse and went about trying to enjoy the man I was supposed to meet.
But my real blind date and I had no connection.
So on my way home, I decided to take a chance and stop by the game.
When I arrived, the seat next to me was empty.
Disappointed again, I decided to leave at the end of the period.
Just before the buzzer, one of the teams scored, and the entire arena went crazy.
A player’s face flashed up on the Jumbotron. He was wearing a helmet, but I froze when he smiled.
You guessed it: Dimples.
Apparently, my fake blind date hadn’t invited me to watch hockey with him, he’d invited me to watch him play.
And so began my adventure with Max Yearwood.
He was everything I needed at the time—fun, sexy, up for anything, and only around for a few months since he’d signed with a new team three-thousand miles away.
Max proposed we spend the summer helping me forget my ex. It sounded like a good plan. Things couldn’t get too serious when we had an expiration date. Right?
Though, you know what they say about the best-laid plans.


Tonya's Review
5 Stars

Wow! What another great stand alone from Vi Keeland.  And what a great way to start the New Year off!
This is Georgia and Max's story.
It all started with a little lie while on a blind date.
I loved how their story played out.
I will admit, I was worried a few times while reading this.
I thought Gabriel was a huge jerk!
I could have killed Max for making me scared.
This read will have you in your feelings, that's for sure. 
I absolutely loved it!


Vi Keeland is a #1 New York Times, #1 Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author. With millions of books sold, her titles have appeared in over a hundred Bestseller lists and are currently translated in twenty-five languages. She resides in New York with her husband and their three children where she is living out her own happily ever after with the boy she met at age six.





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**RELEASE BLITZ WITH REVIEW** Legend by Marie James

 Release Date: January 6

I wouldn’t call it love at first sight, but my body definitely reacted when I saw her.
Getting Faith Robbins under me became my obsession.
I knew I wanted fast and done.
It’s how I always did things.
Looking for anything more with a woman was never in the cards.
I wasn’t like the other guys in the Cerberus MC. I didn’t want more.
It was physical, sating a desire.
Then someone began to seek revenge, and my other instincts kicked in.
Spending time with her was about protecting her, keeping her safe.
Now if only I could remind my heart what the plan was.

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Tonya's Review
4 Stars

This is the 19th book in the Cerberus MC series.  They are standalones, but the previous book did set this one up.  This book also set up the next two in the series. 
This is Ethan "Legend" Packwood and Faith Robbins story.
Legend first met Faith in Apollo's book.  She is Apollo's lawyer.  But she wants nothing to do with Legend.  But that all changes after a trip to Jake's and something bad happens.
There is a lot of second guessing about their feelings in this book.  
Faith has someone out to ruin her life, and take her life. 
I will admist that my guess on who the "bad guy" was, was wrong.
That last chapter had me tearing up for Harley.

Meet Marie James

Let's see...where to begin...

I'm inching up on the BIG 4-0. The gray hairs are doubling what seems like daily, and the wrinkles and laugh lines are more pronounced than ever.

I have an amazing husband (Married just over 15 years.)

We have two boys we're doing our best to raise as respectful gentleman.

I have a master's degree in criminal justice which I used to work as a juvenile probation office until deciding to write full-time in June of 2019. So that means there's usually always some criminal/law element to my novels.

If I'm not writing; I'm reading.

My favorite genres recently are bully/reverse harem and enemies to lovers. Maybe I'm reliving my traumatic teen years through the girls who actually end up with the boys. (Not that I would change my history since it's gotten me exactly where I need to be!)

I love coffee. I miss carbs. Music is LIFE. I try not to be too serious.

Connect with Marie James

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**RELEASE BLITZ WITH REVIEW** Ashes by Chelle Bliss

Ashes by Chelle Bliss is now live!

Dylan Walsh left his small town behind and vowed to never return. But when his brother needs help, Dylan steps back into the memories he tried so hard to forget. He thought there was nothing there for him anymore until a woman he knew as a little girl catches more than Dylan’s eye.

Rosie Gallo is known for her kind spirit, good-girl vibes, and her loyalty to the ones she loves. She’s spent her entire life avoiding the Walshes, knowing her father’s distaste for the family. But when Rosie’s ditched during a disastrous date, it’s a Walsh who puts a smile back on her face.

The attraction is easy, but the complications are many.

Can Dylan prove that he is more than his troubled past? Or is he as bad as the good girl next door always believed him to be?

Ashes is the ninth full-length standalone novel in the Men of Inked Heatwave series by Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss. Ashes is a forbidden, age gap, small town romance featuring a hot biker and a wild ride.


Download today on Amazon, Apple Books, Audible, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3d6rwaX

Apple Books: https://apple.co/3DcfK9M

Nook: https://bit.ly/3oe1Gbm

Kobo: https://bit.ly/3paRaRG

Google Play: Coming Soon!


Audible: https://adbl.co/3eJTz13

Narrated by: Jason Clarke & Samantha Brentmoor


Goodreads: https://bit.ly/3deOIDX


 Tonya's Review

4 Stars

This is the ninth book in the Men of Inked: Heatwave series.  They are standalones.

This is Rosie and Dylan's story.

If you like older men and a close to insta love, but not quite insta, you need to read this.

This is a good read.

Rosie is a tough chick.

Dylan learns a lot about himself.

I did feel like ending was a little rushed though.

Meet Chelle

Chelle Bliss is the Wall Street Journal & USA Today bestselling author of Men of Inked Series and Misadventures of a City Girl.

She's a full-time writer, time-waster extraordinaire, social media addict, coffee fiend, ex-high school history teacher, and currently lives near the beach even though she hates sand. Chelle loves spending time with her two cats, alpha boyfriend, and chatting with readers.

Connect with Chelle

Website: menofinked.com

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7164384.Chelle_Bliss

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Chelle-Bliss/e/B00FIPAHYQ/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorchellebliss1

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/blisshangout/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/authorchellebliss/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChelleBliss1

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Other: https://bingebooks.com/author/chelle-bliss

Verve: https://ververomance.com/app/chellebliss

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