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**BLOG TOUR** The Obsession Series by Steve Genis

Blog Tour:
The Obsession Series
Box Set
by Steve Genis

Dec 14th - Dec 21st

Temptation (#1) 

This book reads as a prequel and takes place prior to the events in Obsession.
This book should be read first to get a complete understanding of the series.
Life couldn’t get any more complicated for Rick.
Being a teenager with raging hormones isn’t easy, especially when you have a major crush on your High School teacher.
But what happens when you’re told you have to move to the other side of the world temporarily with your family?
Rick will be separated from his teacher, the one person he truly loves.
Rick will make some new friends, but with new friends comes new feelings and new emotions.
Will Rick move on and get over his crush?
*Book One in the award winning Obsession Series


Obsession (#2) (99c/99p):

This is the first book published, but reads as the second book in the series.
Warning - This book contains coarse language and sexual content. It is recommended for persons 18 years and over.
Rick Santini is an eighteen year old Year eleven student at a local High School in Melbourne, Australia. Rick hides a secret that will tear his family apart.
He has a high School crush, the crush is on his French PE teacher, who happens to be married to the principal of the same school.
Soon his classmates start to get suspicious of his behaviour around his teacher. A blast from the past will come back to haunt him and soon, his sexual urges begin to take over.
In a surprise twist, Rick’s life is changed forever. Will he do the unthinkable to get what he wants?
Obsession is told through the eyes of an eighteen year old High School student.
*Book Two in the award winning Obsession Series

Torn from the arms of the only person he’s ever loved, Rick Santini has sunk into a deep, dark depression.

Convinced he’ll never find love again, he resigns himself to a life of drunken loneliness.

But what happens when old faces emerge, haunting his every waking hour and forcing him to relive the past?

When the love of your life is gone, is your life truly over, or can the past collide with the present, and create a new future?

Told over the course of twenty-one years, this is a story of love, hope and friendship.

Resignation is the third and final book in the award winning Obsession Series

Bleeding Love: The Untold Story of Romeo & Juliet

Think you know everything about the world's most famous love story?
Think again!
Move over Shakespeare, this is one makeover like no other.
21 year old Romeo Montague is hot, single, sexy and rich. What more could any man ask for?
How about, love?
Meet 18 year old Juliet Capulet. She's also hot, single, sexy and rich.
Sounds like the perfect match, right?
Think again!
When their two worlds collide, they will sacrifice everything for love, including their warring families.
This is a story about sex, love, hope, and tragedy.
This story fills in many missing pieces never shown on stage or screen.
With many characters altered from the original tale to fit in with their modern day counterparts, this story is retold in the complete modern day English language, based on today's everyday living standards and set in modern day Paris, France.
This is Bleeding Love, The Untold Story of Romeo and Juliet.

Bleeding Love: Alternate Ending

::: Alternate Ending Synopsis :::
We all know how the original tale ended, but what happens when it all ends differently?
Could our Star Crossed Lovers finally live Happily Ever After after all?
All is revealed in this alternate ending of Bleeding Love.

My first book, One Step Further is a culmination of 20 years of my life. It talks about my struggles as a child dealing with childhood bullying, self esteem, self confidence and Obesity. Many of these issues, I feel we are still faced with in our every day lives.

After writing a book about my life, I felt that it was time to try something new and embellish into the world of fiction. I set out to write a love story that was unique, interesting, fun and left the readers wanting more.

I am currently in the process of writing a great romance trilogy.



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