Sunday, December 27, 2015

**BLOG TOUR** Discovering Taryn by A.C. Wilson

(Levi& Taryn, #1)
byA.C. Wilson

Dec27th - Jan 2nd

“The sweetest friendships turn into something even better.”
---Discovering Taryn

Friendship was the very last thing on either oftheir minds when they bump into each other in the school’s hallway. Taryn wastrying to be invisible, which was working until now. Levi was wondering justwhat he had gotten himself into when he was dazzled by a sweet and quiet girl. 

Taryn Green is an orphan from South Dakota.She’s living with her aunt, going to a new high school, and doing her best toremain unseen. It is easy to protect yourself if no one gets close to you. Shedoesn’t count on meeting a boy who just keeps turning up. Sometimes secrets canbe too heavy to carry alone. 

Levi Kodallas is an all-American teenage boy. Hedislikes school, loves the outdoors and plays football. School homework getshim into trouble when he asks a classmate to write his history paper for him.He has no idea just how much it could cost him. What if it jeopardizes hisfledgling relationship with Taryn? 
All of sudden it occurs to him that it’s toomuch to risk



A Nebraska native, A.C. Wilson now lives in historic Abilene,Kansas with her husband and two boys. Always an avid reader, A.C. first fell inlove with historical romances both Regency and Western. The world was a wideopen place where adventures could happen even between the pages of a book.Deciding to give the characters in her head some room to breathe, A.C. startedtyping and hasn't looked back. 

The Black Hills series books are contemporarywestern romances set in the iconic beauty of the Black Hills of South Dakota.The Johnson family holds true to their values of love, duty, family, andloyalty.



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