Thursday, April 17, 2014

* REVIEW of Strike Out *

* Review of Strike Out by Cheryl Douglas *

Here's to second chances!!
Zach Foster and Lauren 'Rinnie' Baldwin are high school sweethearts, with ten years under their belt, but with one fateful butt dial, everything they were preparing for is thrown away.
Zach has his life planned out and is on his way to being a famous baseball player, but being left at the alter by his first and only love never crossed his mind.
Rinnie had it all, she was in love with the most handsome man, a man who had his career planned and life set, or at least that's what she thought. Hearing that she really didn't fit into those plans the day before their wedding destroyed her.
With a blue note and nothing else, Rinnie disappears.
Fast forward ten years later and soon their life's will merge once again when Rinnie is asked to make a wish come true for a sick little boy. A little boy who wishes to meet his idol, Zach Foster the famous baseball pitcher. Trying everything to get out of it, Rinnie's persistent assistant put's the plan in motion.
Coming face to face with the woman who left you the day of your wedding, heartbroken and with know explanation is the last thing Zach thought would happen when he walked into that office. Seeing Rinnie brings it all back, but seeing the wedding ring on her finger and her child in a picture frame, it's a slap to the face of what could have been.
"Do you know how many times you've snuck into my dreams over the years?"- Zach
Rinnie has been keeping a secret for the last ten years, only a few people know the truth about her son and soon so will Zach and both their families.
"Living with this lie was the hardest thing I ever had to do, but I didn't know what else to do."- Rinnie
Will this secret blow up in Rinnie's face? Can they give love a second chance and will question's finally be answered? Or will it all be too late and the pain be too much?
"I want the life we planned. I want a second chance with you."- Zach

Strike Out is one of those books about second chances at love, forgiveness and overcoming. The story flowed okay, but Rinnie, the lead female character, I just couldn't connect with her. She was too much back and forth. Constantly bringing up everything he did wrong, but what she did didn't seem like it was wrong in her eye's. Then she was constantly wanting forgiveness, throwing up what he did in his face. I just didn't like that and it made me not like her. Zach, he was a strong male character in the book, he just wanted what was taken away from him, make good on what Rinnie took without him even knowing. I'm just torn by this book. The ten year old boy seemed like he should have been older, the way he talked and how he expressed his self, I couldn't connect  that he was this child that just turned ten years old. The plot line was good, everything else I liked, but those I couldn't get over. I would like to see where they go from the hospital room. How it all comes full circle. I give this book 3.5 stars.

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