Thursday, April 17, 2014

* BLOG TOUR, REVIEW & GIVEAWAY of Because Of Kian *

*Because of Kian REVIEW & BLOG TOUR*

***** Mature Content, Abuse, Sexual Situations, Adult Situations, Strong Language *****
I know I’m twisted. Growing up in a perfectly well-adjusted home, I don’t really have an excuse. But no matter… I realize how messed up I am. And therapy can only do so much.
I pushed my boyfriend to violence, a violence he couldn't control. Sickly, I almost liked it. So I pushed him more. Before long, the pain outweighed the pleasure and the loss I sustained shattered me. So I ran. I’m now a bit shell-shocked harboring a lot of guilt. My boyfriend is now my ex and wants revenge. He wants me to pay for turning him into the monster he’s become. And I still have a deviant yearning that I don’t understand. My own monster inside… my own demon to battle.
I can’t get close to anyone. I can’t give in and scratch that itch. I can’t wreck someone else.
And now there is Kian… my rescuer on a dark, painful night. He sees through my pretense. He tries to pull me from my frightened isolation, to keep me from becoming a victim. He forces me to face my warped desires and shows me that pain doesn’t really have to truly hurt.
He wants to show me a way to serenity. But I am afraid… Will I ruin a good man?

Sometimes you just need the pain...
Brynn is running. Running from her past and the abusive ex-boyfriend she left behind. He hurt her. Her life is dark, depressing and she's alone... until Kian.
When Brynn's past meet's her future in a dark alley, everything will change.
"I try so hard not to want you. You're kind of like crack though. As much as I fight it, I can't seem to stay away. Even though it's not good for me. Or you."- Brynn
Kian saved, helped and is teaching her, but feeling will start to bloom.
Brynn is scared she will turn Kian into what Evan is now. She believe because of her and the need for pain, she yearns for it, she created the monster with a closed first. It's because of her.

Brynn finds herself seeking what she desperately needs in ways that could be unsafe. Kian will show her a way to get her release and what she's searching for... with a purple rope.
"I'm a masochist who's afraid of getting hurt. That's not unique. It's insane."- Brynn
Kinbaku and Kian is what Brynn needs, but is it enough to keep her from running and trying to close Kian off?
Can he heal her, show her he loves her, will protect and cherish her, all the while giving her the pain she desperately needs? Or will her demons win and have her running again?
Is Kian and the purple rope enough?
"I want you completely helpless, completely trusting me to take care of you."- Kian

 Hot damn where do I start!! Because of Kian is one of those books that will leave you panting and running to the store to buy some purple rope. This book has the angst, sex, love and everything in between in it. You don't know where it's going to go until you get there. Brynn isn't your typical lead female character, she has problems, and itch that needs to be scratched. She's closed everyone out and is in search of the one thing that will free her. Kian, oh Kian. Le me just say HOT DAMN, MAJOR ALPHA MALE ALERT! Damn he can tie me up anytime. I love a strong take charge male, but he also has heart and that ladies will make you love him. The plot is amazing! I love the back and forth, it makes you need to turn the next page even faster. Okay Ladies, let me just say one word... POPSICLE! Holy hell! Kian and a Popsicle, I'm on board. This book isn't all butterflies and rainbows. It's darkness and thorns, with a bit of purple peeking through. Because Of Kian is defiantly a book to read and I will forewarn you, make sure a cold shower is within reach. I give this book 5 stars!

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