Monday, April 7, 2014

*REVIEW of Jellybean Kisses*

*Review of Jellybean Kisses by Amy Evans*

Title: Jellybean Kisses  Author: Amy Evans

Can giving into what you want lead to finally feeling whole, that is what Jacey will soon learn.

Having feelings for your best friend, who is a boy is hard. Jacey has distanced herself away from Jax, for the past few months. When he comes to her rescue again, saving her from a big scary bird, will it help to open back up their communication?

Jacey has put off Jax, for the simple fact she doesn't want to repeat her sister's life, or the rumor, rumors that were spread after the hurricane hit. Small town and noisy people, equate to rumors and judgment. She doesn't want that. She'll do whatever she can to steer away from any of it.

Her thought, Jax and herself will have college to finally see if they can have something. That is still a few months away and keep your feelings buried sucks, but what if it's too late? What if he finds someone else, she will have lost her chance.

"I want you. The real you. As my girlfriend."- Jax

From pretend dating, rumors, not wanting to repeat her sister's pass and the small town they lived in, that is Jacey's life.

"I wish for jellybeans, and kisses."- Jacey

When Jax and Jacey is finally able to talk, will their chance to be together be long gone? Has she waited to long? Is their even a chance for them?

Jellybean Kisses is a sweet short story of first love and the battles that goes along with it. Jacey is just trying to survive her small town, bidding her time. Secretly hoping that her chance will come. I think we have all been there, we've all had that worry and the not knowing what to do. You will probably find a little bit of you're teen self in Jacey. Jax, he's a sweetie, the all-American boy next door. He's just wanting what feel's right to him and that is Jacey. The rumor mill sucks, and giving fuel to the fire is worse. I know I've sat on my hands waiting and trying to not give the gossiper's the fuel, but how can you be happy if you don't do what feel's right to you? This is that kind of story... it's SWEET and makes you say "Awe". I would really love to see more from Jacey and Jax, please! NOW I NEED SOME CHERRY JELLYBEANS!!! I give Jellybean Kisses 4 stars!!!


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