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Ask The Author: K.L. Ruse

I'm so happy to share with you my first ever Q&A! I was overjoyed to have the pleasure of asking author K.L. Ruse some questions. I had a few, but my top question, the one I have been needing the answer to since I read this book, is the first question here. It is something so close to home to myself and I was so glad she answered that question and many other's I had for her. Enjoy!

Author Q&A Questions

1. In Found in You, the letters from the mother touched me on a personal level. My mother passed from cancer and she left me a journal filled with letters to me. What made you have Camryn's mother leave the letters for her?

About 9 years ago, my father-in-law passed away after he suffered for a year with bladder cancer. It was my first year of marriage and to say my husband was close to his dad is an understatement. I watched my husband suffer from this great loss of a man who really was everything to him. As I watched a part of him essentially die along with his dad, I always would think what it could do for him if he had another chance to hear from him, to have his dad’s words as a written legacy that would live forever in my husband.

So when I started writing Found in You and knew that a dead parent would be central to Camryn’s grief and anxiety, I wanted to live out that wish I had for my husband. I wanted to convey that parents’ words of advice can live on forever.

2. When writing, do you add certain people in your life into your characters?

Absolutely! I can’t say that each of my characters represents one single person in my life, but they definitely have characteristics of my family, friends, and even enemies. For instance, Lila in the story reminds me of my own best friend, Lauren, with her sense of humor. Cole has elements of my husband like his fatherly instincts and surfing talent. And Todd – oh yes he represents someone who broke my heart many years ago!

3. What books are your top 3 favorites?

This is a tough question because besides writing, reading is my release so I have read a ton of books that I love. But at this point I would say my top three would be: 1.) The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton – I read this book in 7th grade and it’s definitely responsible for beginning my obsession with reading. 2.) Take this Regret by A.L. Jackson – This is the book that inspired me to jump in and take a chance with my own writing. The depth of emotion that A.L. Jackson is able to achieve through her words is something I strive for in my own writing. 3.) Thoughtless Series by S.C. Stephens introduced me to the idea of a book boyfriend. I would love for readers to find the same connection that I felt for Kellan Kyle in one of my characters, whether it be Cole from the Lost and Found Series or any future stories that I write.

4. Will there be a 2nd book. Oh, PLEASE say YES!

Yes!!! I always intended that Found in You would be two books – one from Camryn’s point of view and the second would tell Cole’s story. So I am currently writing Saved by You in Cole’s point of view and it will continue from where Found in You left off. However, it also flashes back to the past so we get a glimpse of the darkness that Cole seems to be running from in the first story.

However, as I was writing Found in You I felt that many of the secondary characters had such strong voices and that they deserved to be heard as well. So I decided to also write a third and fourth book in this series. The third will be about Heidi and Dusty who are introduced in the first one and then the fourth will be Lila’s and Carter’s story. So Cole, Camryn and Gavin aren’t done after the second book. We will be able to see glimpses of them in the final two books as well!!

5. If your latest book was a movie, which actors would you see playing your main characters?

I always pictured Mila Kunis when I was writing Camryn’s character in the book and Trevor Donovan for Cole. He’s very hot and has surfer written all over him!

6. What is the process of writing a book like?

For me it’s really a release. I am a part time preschool teacher and the rest of my day I am with my four and five year old daughters. So, when I get the opportunity to sit down at night in front of my laptop, I feel like I’ve entered a different world, my own happy place!

7. How did you get the idea for your latest book?

I don’t think there was that one moment when the light bulb went on and I had the story for Found in You figured out. I really just wanted to introduce a different twist to the contemporary romance genre and explore some life situations that have some type of meaning to me and my loved ones.

8. Can we follow you on social media? Do you have a Facebook page and/or Twitter and website?

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