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**BOOK TOUR With Giveaway** Free To Play & Free To Love by Charlene Black

Titles: Free to Play & Free to Love
Series: The Exchange Student Series
Author: Charlene Black
Genre: Erotica/Dark/Explicit
Available Now
She is ready to Play. Are you?
Helena Ekberg, a 21-year-old exchange student from Sweden, will spend the academic year in the pulsating city of London. There she meets the handsome and charismatic tantric practitioner Daniel Langston and his friends. Immersed into a foreign culture, she is now also introduced to a foreign sexual world, where nothing is what it seems – and where she will be pushed to her utmost limits. As the stakes get higher, Helena will need to look deep into her heart for answers. Will her heart find what it yearns for?
Free to Play, Charlene Black’s first full-length novel, dives headfirst into the secretive, esoteric, and often perplexing world of tantric Crazy Wisdom. Packed with an exuberant amount of explicit ecstatic sex, this erotic novel will entertain you with a great storyline and arouse all your senses at the same time.
This scorching hot novel contains anything and everything from soft and sensual sex to extreme dominance bordering on the taboo and it comes with an Intense Melt Tantric Candy Heat rating (5 out of 5). Special sexual interests include oral and anal sex, sex toys, straight sex, girl-on-girl sex, BDSM play, watching and being watched, threesomes, group sex, dubious consent, and off-the-charts-horny fuck talk.
Are you a fan or explicit erotic fiction with a touch of romance and a good storyline? Are you interested in tantra and conscious sex? Or are you looking for an intensely horny read? If the answer to any of these questions is yes – then this book is a must-read for you.
Free to Play is the first book in the Exchange Student series and it can be read as a separate volume. This novel was first published in 2018 under the name of The Exchange Student. In this first edition of Free to Play a few minor alterations have been made to the original text.

This book is a novel of approx. 64 000 words.
She is ready to Love. Are you?
Helena Ekberg is back for her second semester as a university exchange student at Stonemoor College in London. No longer single – she now faces the challenges of being in a tantric relationship, spiced up with a fair dose of Crazy Wisdom. How will her new relationship fare when the normal, socially acceptable rules of relationships no longer apply? How open can she be? Can she learn to trust her man? And what happens when an old rival returns to the scene?
Dive into a different kind of erotica with Free to Love. This book is a mind-blowing tantric erotic novel – packed with the best Conscious Sex has to offer and where ecstatic orgasmic experiences cross over into mystical and spiritual realms.
This Explicit Romantic Erotic Novel contains anything and everything from sensual couples sex to outrageous orgies. Special sexual interests include oral and anal sex, striptease, sexy lingerie, sex toys, solo and straight sex, bisexual, lesbian and gay encounters, threesomes, group sex, food play, exhibitionism, voyeurism and BDSM play.
Whether you are a tantric practitioner, explorer of open relationships or a fan of intelligent erotica with a real storyline and lots of sex – this book will keep you reading and get your juices flowing over and over again.
Free to Love is the second book in The Exchange Student Series and it can be read as a separate volume. However, in order to fully appreciate the emotional and spiritual transformation of the characters – and to avoid spoilers – we recommend you start with Free to Play, the first book in this series.
This book is a novel of approx. 100 000 words.

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Free To Play: “You came”, Helena. I wasn’t entirely sure you would after last time”, he says. That small smile that I have come to know so well emerges in the corner of his mouth. “I suppose your message made me curious”, I say. “I’m glad you are here – and dressed exactly as ordered”, he says looking at me from top to toe in a way that makes me feel utterly naked. His gaze lingers longer on my breasts. I am not wearing any bra underneath the white blouse. “Very nice!” Without warning he grabs my arms and holds them up over my head, pinning me against the door with his body against mine. He mumbles in a low voice in my ear, “Curiosity killed the cat. You do know that, don’t you?” That small smile is there again – only this time I am somewhat surprised to find that it has moved to the corner of my own mouth, and I hear myself say, “But satisfaction brought it back – isn’t that so?” He chuckles, “Sounds like somebody is here and that she is ready to play!”
Free To Love “I like that”, he said with his eyes following every move my hand made. “Go on.” “Whatever could you mean?”, I said, with a coy smile, while I let my fingers play with the neckline, sliding under the rim, pulling the stretchy material down ever so slightly, offering him a glimpse of my cleavage. “Surely you are not suggesting…” “Oh, I’m suggesting all right!” “How very inappropriate”, I said, bringing my other hand up to my neckline as well, pulling the fabric down even further…
Charlene Black, erotica author and creator of Tantric Candy has been an active Tantric practitioner since 2012. She loves to write Spicy, Explicit Tantric Erotic Stories. Charlene’s stories invite you into the world of the senses. Her writing helps you to slow down, take your time, taste, feel and listen to every word pulling you into a world of sensual erotic encounters. Charlene usually writes from the feminine perspective, appealing to the desire of the feminine in all of us to get carried away into surrender and ecstasy. Whatever your thing is – straight couples sex, bisexual or lesbian encounters, ménage or group sex – chances are she has written or is writing about it. She has a special fondness for beautiful lingerie, sex talk, bondage, watching and being watched. She is passionate about conscious sexuality and likes to bring in elements of transformation into her stories, the heat levels of which range from ‘inspiring to stretch your boundaries’ to the outrageously explicit.

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