Tuesday, February 10, 2015

REVIEW of MVP by M. Robinson

*Review of MVP by M. Robinson*

Let me start off by saying I absolutely enjoyed both VIP and Madam. I needed more, but I don't think I got it... Well, maybe not until the very end.

The way the Madam ended and MVP picked up, it didn't click for me. The duel, multiple POVs wasn't something I greatly enjoyed in this book. I felt like I was ping pong ball being hit back and forth. It was so hard for me to keep reading, but I don't do half ass reviews or DNF. I had to finish! I started with the series at the very beginning, reviewing it, and I had o finish it.

"I was lost until I found you. Until we found each other. I love you. You taught me the meaning of love."- Ysa

With that all being said, Ysa and Sebastian finally get their happily ever after. After all the ups and downs, this series ended on a high note.

"I don't know who I am anymore! I don't know if I ever did! Why do you want to be with me? Im so fucked up!"- Ysa

Ysa doesn't know who she is, how she feels, or where she should go. She's so up and down in this book. Gave me whiplash. I felt like she became needy. Maybe it's because we never really knew the real Ysa outside of VIP? She was like this throughout the whole book, until the very end. 

Their trying to make this relationship that started because of VIP and ended a marriage. A relationship that is finally full of truths and new beginnings.

With one phone call, all the hard work will fall away.

"She was my kryptonite."- Sebastian 

Can Ysa and Sebastian forgive one another, trust and rebuild their life together?  

Truthfully, I didn't get into this book until 80% in. Before that I was pushing myself, but once I hit that mark, I had to finish. I evil laughed because FINALLY the Madam got what she deserved!! M Robertson wrapped this series up in a big sparkly bow for us.

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