Tuesday, February 3, 2015

🐝 REVIEW of The Butterfly Who Became A Cocoon 🐝

Review of The Butterfly Who Became A Cocoon
By: Nancy Grossenbacher

Reagan, my daughter, couldn't have been more excited to read this book and review it for Virtual Bookworm Publishing.

Oliver the butterfly loves spending he's day's with the flowers around him, helping them grow and thrive. That was his joy, the flowers.

With one visit from Cornelius the ant, Oliver will question what his purpose is. What will forever make him immortal? What will he leave when he's no longer on this earth? 

Sad, broken and troubled, Oliver's tears will help imprison him.

"Everything in life must have a purpose. When you die, do you wish to leave nothing behind to make you immortal?"-Cornelius the ant

Will Oliver realize what will forever make him immortal? What his importance is?

This is such a wonderful book for children to show them that no matter what you do, or become, you're important. A beautiful story, with illustrations just as beautiful. The moral of this story I just loved. And it's easy for children to understand. Reading about Oliver and what he loves to do more than anytime, and then experiencing his questioning that, even has adults wondering his outcome.

My daughter Reagan's thoughts

My daughter was entranced with this story. With each turn of the pages, she was oohing and ahhing (is that even word's? Lol.) at the bright colors, beautiful drawings. But she also understood the story and asked 'why did that want make Oliver feel like he's not important, mom? He's doing what he loves. He helps the flowers.' She got the grasp of the story. Tonight while going to bed, she wanted to read the book again. And asked if she could take it to school, so her teacher can read to the class. Ms. Grossenbacher has herself a tiny little fan!!!


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