Friday, August 22, 2014

* REVIEW of Resenting Me *

* Review of Resenting Me (Breakneck #2.5) by 
Crystal Spears *

Title: Resenting Me (Breakneck #2.5)  Author: Crystal Spears
Release Date: 8/21/14 Series: Yes

A love that wouldn't be

I am gutted, sad, heartbroken and in need of a washcloth to wash the tear streaked mascara off my face.

We got a little peek of Lana and Pyro in Seize Me, but in Resenting me, we get their story. It's a story of a forbidden love, one that would never get to happen. Their love story is a beautiful tragedy. One that ends in the most heartbreaking lost.

Lana and Pyro's short lived love affair was a roller coaster of ups and downs. Wanting, pushing and pulling. They gravitated towards one another. She wanted to let him in, but she was scared to. In the lifestyle he lived, she could lose him. So, she would love him from afar, only to save her heart.

"I don't want you to ever leave, flower."- Pyro

For the few short months that His Flower was in his life, she brought light into it. Into the dark world he lived in. She captivated him by her beauty and wanted her with everything he had, but she wouldn't let him get close.

She resented herself and maybe even him for all the pain that was brought into her friend, Winter. It's because of her infatuation with Pyro that Winter was hurt. One more reason to try to stay away from him.

"If you were mine, I'd be yours, Lana, and no one else's."- Pyro

But no matter what, they kept gravitating towards one another. She loved him, but she only got to say those words when it was a little too late... While he held her in his arms, as she gasped for her very last breaths.

"Always... Always feel, Stefan."- Lana

Starting off this story I was already sad, because I knew what would be the outcome. Getting to read about the times they were together, when we only got to imagine them from the previous books, I loved that. I wanted they're story so bad. Sometimes in life, people don't get to find their true love, but she did, even if it was too late for her. This novella gutted me, it really did. I wish the outcome could be different, but it can't. I cringed while reading both their sided at the end, and balled. I'm so glad that Crystal Spears went back to the gritty, dirty and dark side of her writing. As well as being back and writing all together. I loved the back and forth between Pyro and Lana. They would fight one minute, laugh the next, they're complicated. Us readers got what we wanted, their story. Thank you, Crystal.

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