Monday, August 11, 2014

REVIEW of Grinding in Greenville

* Review of Grinding in Greenville *

Title: Grinding in Greenville
Author: Marley Roberts, Victoria Andrews, Hailey Harbour
Expected Publication: August 5th, 2014

You ever wonder where are the books about us book whore's? A book that has things in it that I have thought about, fawned over and would love to live? Well my Book whore's, Grinding in Greenville is that book. 

Marley, Haylie and Tori are three best friends who have all lived different life's and are three individual people. When life starts turning upside down for all three at the same time, Marley puts plans in motion for the girls weekend doing the thing that brought them all together... Books. Grinding in Greenville book signing is the right place to go to have some naughty fun and meet their favorite authors. What happens in Greenville stays in Greenville.

"Subdue your man. Show some dominance then maybe jus maybe he'll praise the pootie."- Marley

Ladies, this is a sexy book. Marley has an slight obsession with Gedion, and she makes her fantasies come true... With all her book boyfriends. I loved Marley. She is a foul mouth, do what makes you happy kind of person. The one who brings Boyfriend Bookstand to fruition.

"To tell you the truth, even reading doesn't feel like an escape anymore."- Haylie

Haylie has the perfect husband and her business, Morning Grind. But when her life gets turned upside down, it's time for her to take her life in her own hands.

"Life isn't a fairytale doll. The shit you read in books isn't real, it's prettied up for spoiled bitches like you."- Max

Tori has the husband, two kids and nice house, but everything isn't like it seems. When a gift from Marley and Tori's own actions upturns her marriage, can a weekend in Greenville and those beautiful male models help or hurt her marriage even more?

Each girl will have their own situations to overcome and a encounter, or a few in Grinding in Greenville. Now, if that title doesn't speak for its self, then I don't know what does. Sexy book models, book boyfriends fantasies coming to life, best friends and a Facebook page solely for sexy guys. This is Grinding in Greenville. Each has their own story, own struggle in this book. We get three different POVs and a I really loved that. We get to read their own words. This book is sassy, funny, sexy and real. I will be the first one to raise my hand and say that yes, countless of books have turned me on and my husband is a very happy man because of them. That I've looked at these book models and thought... Wondered what went on at the huge book signings. It hits on every one of those. And let me just say, Marley's Gedion aka Collin, I think we all know what model he is. I liked that each author put in a bit or even more of themselves in the book. The part from Tori and the pain for her mom, I know that pain and I hurt for her while reading it. What parts are real and what aren't, I guess we'll never know ;) 

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