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**BLOG TOUR With Giveaway** Counting Daisies by Whitney Cannavina

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Counting Daisies, a clean romance full of heart and emotion by Whitney Cannavina is LIVE!

Counting Daisies (Flowers and Hearts Series) by Whitney Cannavina
Release Date: December 20th, 2017
Blog Tour: December 26th-Decemeber 30th

*Counting Daisies is a standalone in a series
*This is a clean teen romance 


With the loss of her mother, Makayla's life it turned upside down. Starting over in a new school, meeting new friends, and getting to know the father she never met before, she has to learn to navigate this new life that was thrust upon her. With new experiences, and new friends, she finally begins to live the life she never thought she'd have all with a new and exciting romance with the uber popular, Austin James.

Follow Makayla on a journey of self discovery, loss, love, and finding happiness in this clean teen romance.

*This is a standalone in a series.

“Lacy, everyone is staring at me. They know I’m the leper. The outcast. The new girl!” I whisper with a slight screech at the end.
“Why would you call me at…four thirty in the damn morning. What the hell Kayla?” Oops. I forgot the time difference when I called Lacy for moral support.
“Sorry.” I mumble out. “Seriously though. What do I do?”
Lacy grumbles unintelligibly as she tries to wake up. “Ok. I guess I am awake now. So what is the problem again?”
“Everyone is staring.”
“Where are you?”
“In my truck. It’s not like the truck is an eye sore. The rest of the student’s cars and trucks look similar to mine. It’s because they know I’m the new girl.”
“Ok. Listen carefully.”
“OK. Should I take notes?” Rummaging around in my backpack, I search for a pen and notepad.
“No. Relax, Kayla. Just listen. Get your backpack, get out of your truck, and go straight to the office. Get your schedule and go to class.”
“That’s it? No insightful advice from yoda?”
“You called me at four thirty in the morning. What kind of magical advice did you expect me to come up with this early?”
“I don’t know. A spell to make me invisible?”
“Nope. I’m using that for me. Gotta check the guys out this year in the locker room.”
“Gross. Ok. Sorry I woke you. Love you.”
“Yeah, yeah. Have a good first day. Don’t replace me.”
“Never.” We hang up and Lacy’s insightful words do nothing to help the anxiety I am feeling on my first day of senior year at a new school. Taking a deep breath, I sling my backpack over one shoulder and open my door with the other. Keeping my head down to avoid making eye contact with anyone staring, I shut my door and make a beeline for the double doors to the entrance of the school. I can feel the eyes boring into me but I choose to ignore them. I’m like a shiny new toy for everyone to play with when all I really want to be is a dust bunny hiding under the furniture that nobody can see.
Keeping my eyes downcast, only occasionally glancing up to see the direction I am going, I finally make it to the office with no issues. After retrieving my schedule from the counselor, I step out of the office and take in my surroundings. Students mill around chatting excitedly about the first day of school, seeing who has the same classes and making plans to meet up later. It’s not any different here than it was on our first day at my old school. Only this time, I don’t have my best friend at my side.
“Hi.” Surprised by the chipper voice standing next to me, I jump a little and look at whom it was that spoke. The girl is taller than me, and beaming with excitement. Great. I’m probably her next project.
“Um, hi.” I reply hesitantly.
“I’m Bobby. You’re new here right?” Bobby pauses waiting for my reply but for some reason, I can’t speak. “‘Cause I haven’t seen you around. Want to come meet my friends? I promise they are all nice. I’m sure you could use a friend since you probably don’t know anyone here.”
“Oh. Sure. I…I guess I could meet your friends.” My nerves seem to get the better of me as my hands begin to shake and my palms become sweaty.
“Great. Let me see your schedule? Maybe we have some classes together. Then I can save you a seat.” I hand her my schedule and cast my eyes away, unsure if this is a hazing of the new girl or if Bobby is actually a kind peer. “Wow. You have three classes and lunch with me. That is so exciting! I promise to save a seat for you next to me. Oh, what am I thinking? Is that ok with you? I hope I am not being too forward but I didn’t want you to feel nervous and alone. Kids at this school aren’t too bad but I know being the new kid is nerve wrecking. I was new my freshman year.” Bobby sure does talk a lot but she seems to be genuine and I am starting to feel grateful for her kindness.
“No. You’re fine. I would like that very much. I don’t know anyone here.” I look around at the students and notice a tall and familiar figure leaning against his locker surrounded by a few students I vaguely recognize from around town, including his flirty friend. Bobby must notice me looking as she goes to explain who he is.
“That’s Austin. He’s the star quarterback. Gorgeous right? He is so sweet, too. But he doesn’t ever have a girlfriend. Sure he has women flocking to him for his attention but I never seen him go steady with anyone.” Of course he’s the star and popular.
“That’s fine. I wasn’t looking to date anyone, honestly. I just recognize him from when he and his friends came into my work one day. I didn’t realize he went here.”
“Yeah. He was born and raised here. Everyone knows and loves him. Watch out for his friend, though. Beau is a major flirt. He’s harmless but always hitting on the girls. I’m not sure if he does it because he’s in love with any woman that walks or for entertainment, but you will learn quickly to ignore his cheesy pick up lines.”
Chuckling, I remember well, his pick up lines. “Yeah. I met him, too. Austin actually stopped him from bugging me but not before he got in two lines that I shot down flat.”
“I like you already. Let’s go. Bell is going to ring any second for our first class and the teacher is a stickler for time. You’re not in your seat before the second bell, then you’re sent out.”

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About Whitney:

I am an author, blogger, and mom to the best kid ever. On the days that are not hectic (which is hardly ever) I spend my time writing what I can. I write mostly contemporary adult romance but I think I will venture out just a little and write a few for teens to broaden my reader spectrum. I have always been imaginative making up stories and friends when I was younger, and once I had a teacher tell me how horrible a story I wrote was, that I didn't write until just a few years ago. I realized I don't care what her or anyone else thinks, as long as I love what I write then I am happy. That doesn't mean I don't want readers to love my books, I am just understanding that not everyone will love what they read and I am ok with that.
I also run a blog with two other awesome ladies called Country Gals BOOK Blog and I hope that you would take a look and see what we have going on. I was just kind of thrust into it but I love exploring new genres, finding new authors, and reading a range of books I might not have heard of before then. It also helps I love to tell other readers about some great authors.
I grew up in Southern California, and on top of being and author, blogger and mom, I also love to watch movies, read excessively, go to hockey and baseball games, and relax with just my friends and family.
I hope you take the chance to check out my books and hopefully enjoy them.

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Snapchat- wlcannavina87

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