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πŸ“• REVIEW of From Summer And Fall by Alora Kate πŸ“•

Review of From Summer And Fall by Alora Kate

Title: From Summer And Fall Author: Alora Kate
Release Date: OUT NOW

First off, I absolutely LOVED this book. I was in a book funk for over a week. Alora sent me the book and bam, book slump gone. I devoured this book in less than 6 hours. It's seriously one of those books you cannot put down, I promise you. 

We get two POV's Summer and Fall's. Which I enjoyed that. 

"One night, one moment was all it took and now everything is all messed up."- Summer

Summer and Hannah have been best friends since forever. They're the ying to the others yang. Now in collage they are experiencing a new and totally different life. Both these girl's aren't like some book characters. They're not all about getting into some guy's bed. Both have only eyes for certain ones, ones that don't even know they exist.... Maybe.

"He's out of my league."- Summer

Fall (Summer's brother) is a brooding, partying, love woman and leave them, popular football player. One night will change everything for Fall. One night and one girl will knock him off his axes. 

"Woman are like tornados. They rip through you with such force that they end up leaving you shattered, torn up and spit back out."- Fall

Hannah has loved Fall from afar, but he's never noticed, but she still has these feelings for him. Will she finally realize she won't get what she truly wants? Or will she throw caution to the wind and hope fate intervenes?

"It's different for me because I love him. At least I think I do, I don't know."- Hannah

Tristan, the most popular guy on campus, right above his best friend Fall. He doesn't see the one person in front of him, that would give him everything he wants. Guys, their totally stupid! Lol.

In a course of a few day, these four characters will lay everything out in the open. But can you possibly expect two major, popular hunks to give everything up for some girls??? While one of them is holding on to a deep dark secret, one that's has changed him for forever.

Alora Kate knows how to write a book that sucks her readers in. These four characters are purely amazing. The female ones were honestly a breath of fresh air. And you easily fall in love with them. Fall, man that guy. I wanted to shake him a few times and say "dude, buck up!" He's a character you can't help but love, even when he makes you mad. Tristan... Oh Tristan. Can you say new book boyfriend. He's amazing!!! And you will be shocked by a few words he'll say. I know I was. This book and the characters flowed together nicely. There was never a moment of boredom. It keeps you intrigued. Wanting to know what's next. I laughed so hard at a few parts. And my heart broke on a few occasions. From Summer and Fall has everything a great book needs. From hidden love/feelings, drama, sexy sex... That's a must! Lol!! It is all around a book you need to add to you TBR list. And Ladies, it's only 99 cent!!! I can't wait to see what the next book has in store for us, because we were left hanging off a cliff. Yup, total cliffhanger.
5 STARS!!!!!!

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