Thursday, December 18, 2014

Lit-CUBE a readers new obsession, coming to you soon!!!

A great new idea, on it's way to us book nerds! I'm so excited for this!

The monthly subscription box for readers, writers, & lovers of the written word.

   My name is Peggy Martinez and I'm the founder of Lit-CUBE. Lit-CUBE was an idea born out of mine & my  14 year old son's love of monthly subscription boxes. We love getting our "surprise" packages each month, the anticipation is almost unbearable as we open them up to see what awesome (& usually geeky) haul we get! We get gamer gear, nerd gear, horror gear, and super cool fandom items each and every month, BUT one thing we don't get and we wanted to add to our obsessions is BOOK gear! Sadly, we couldn't find a monthly book subscription box that made us want to do the Carlton. :( Thus was born Lit-CUBE, the only box of its kind. A subscription box for the reader and writer in all of us. 
   As a hybrid author (indie & traditionally published) & as the founder of Indie Bookfest, I have made a lot of contacts in the Indie author & book community. More importantly, I have made a lot of true friends & I have learned a LOT about doing what it takes to make my dreams a reality. One of those dreams is to see people fall in love with Lit-CUBE & as a result fall even more in love with reading and writing. (Is that even possible?!?) I've already made contact with some AMAZING artists, authors, & entrepreneurs who will be partnering with Lit-CUBE to make our reader subscription boxes the envy of every book lover out there. I want to keep all the products a surprise, but I will give you this little tid-bit of info: We already have a book picked & negotiated for the first Lit-CUBE... not only that, but we have all the products chosen and ready to be purchased and it is going to ROCK your SOCKS! 
   I'm hoping that everyone will read about this campaign and just get that warm and fuzzy feeling that *I* get when I think about it. A surprise book in each and every Cube, each and every month. WHAT!?! A themed cube each month. That's right! You'll know what the theme is each month before they are launched into the world, but waiting until they arrive and you get to open the cube without having *any* clue about what you'll find inside?!? THAT'S the fun part! 

So, how does Lit-CUBE work?

Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy! Check it out:
1. Join Lit-Cube by subscribing! 
2. Wait while we fill your CUBE with all sorts of awesome, reader-inspired products. Every Lit-CUBE is guaranteed to include a book & high quality items, hand-picked to delight your inner bookworm. Every subscriber will get $35-$40 worth of great products at a low price of $25. ($18/Cube + $7 s/h)
3. Try not to stalk your mail man while your Lit-CUBE is on its way. Once it gets there, jump up & down in book-geekery delight & then enjoy your bounty!

What We Need to Launch Lit-Cube & What We're Offering to Everyone Who Helps: 

  • First and foremost, the funds will go to launch a nice, professional website, graphic design, licensing, and promotional materials. 
  • Secondly, we need to be able to order printed locking boxes in bulk as well as other packaging materials. (packaging tape, bubble wrap, printing ink, labels, etc.)
  • Thirdly, we'll be renting an air conditioned storage unit to store product as it arrives. (My house is way too tiny!)
  • The main thing that most of the money raised will go to is simple. Product. BOOKS. Tee shirts. Cool, unique, and some exclusive book-inspired products to fill up the Lit-Cube. In order to keep our costs low, we need to order these items in bulk and that can be quite the chunk of change. 
  • So, what about YOUR PERKS for helping us get on our feet and making our dream a reality? We will be giving away the following items, along with our most sincere appreciation! 

    Other Ways You Can Help:

    If you can't contribute cash, that doesn't mean you can't do something to help launch the soon-to-be-all-the-rage, Lit-CUBE! 
    Here are a few ways to help spread the word about this campaign: 
    • Tell *all* your book loving friends about Lit-CUBE! Someone out there you know might like to give the first month subscription a try! 
    • Give us a shout on via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or anywhere else through social media!
    • Use the IndieGoGo Share buttons to spread the word!
    From the bottom of my heart & from my indie soul to yours... THANK YOU! 
    As of right now, all perks can only be shipped to the US. Thank you! <3

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