Friday, September 5, 2014

*REVIEW of Sawyer Say's by Carey Heywood*

Review of Sawyer Say's by Carey Heywood

Sawyer is one of those characters that you just love immediately. She feels like she's unlovable because of her pass. When the only living relative you've had doesn't want you, I guess you would feel the same way too.

Letting her best friend since she was a child, Jared Keller become her roommate, she stars seeing him in a different light. Instead of seeing the boy she spent every summer with since she was a child, she seeing the man he now is... And that gets her body wanting, wanting him. But crossing that line could forever mess up their relationship.

Jared wants her, wants her to let him in, but he knows Sawyer better than she probably knows herself. He can't push her, or she will run.

When Sawyer and Jared cross that line from friends to friends with benefits, they will soon throw caution to the wind and go with the flow.

One phone call will change everything Sawyer thought she known. Going back to her grandmothers house, the woman who gave her up, will have Sawyer needing to know more about this woman. The woman who has made her the way she is today.

Sawyer will go on a journey of finding the truth, uncovering mystery and putting missing pieces together. Will she finally get the answers she's been needing? The answers that will help heal the thought of not being worth loving.

While going on this journey if discovery, Jared will be there along the way helping her anyway he can. Maybe he can get her to open up to him, to let him in even more. And who knows, maybe they can be more than friends with benefits.

Sawyer Say's is one of those books that pulls you in immediately. With each chapter Sawyer grows more and more. This is really a book of finding yourself, and that is what Sawyer did. She found the person she really is. I absolutely loved Sawyer, she's my kind of character. I could relate to her and hell, she says fuck just as much as me, lol. Jared. Okay, drool worth book boyfriend alert. He was there for Sawyer, he knew what she needed and when to stay back. Their chemistry is amazing, and you can feel it. I love books like that... When you can actually feel these characters. It makes the book even better. Okay, the sexy scenes. I know we all love good ones, and ladies I'm telling you there are some great ones. Mmmm hmmm.  This book was overall great. It keeps progression, keeps bring more truths to the surface and keeps you enthralled until the very last page. And that last page, I had the biggest smile. When a book can do that to you, then that means it's did it's job. 5 stars... I wish I could give it more!!!

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