Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tonya's Review of Divine Merit by V. Cantrell


From what was never meant to be, can they become whom they must, in order to survive?

Amira has been trained from birth to become the ruler of the Nephilim and their island sanctuary. She is the perfect princess, until her birthright and even her fundamental beliefs are ripped away. She'll learn perfection and training count for nothing when faced with a ruthless enemy determined to possess her and all she holds dear. Does she have the fortitude and inner strength needed to regain her kingdom and save her people?

Sometimes you have to stop fighting in order to win.

As captain of the Royal Guard, Caeden's priority is to protect the Royal Family. Sometimes that means protecting the naive princess from her own desires, even if he is tempted to give in. When a betrayer strikes from within, their sanctuary and very existence are threatened. Caeden must overcome the burning pain of helplessness to defeat this enemy and restore Amira to her rightful place. He will not fail his princess again.

Tonya's Review

This is an amazing read. I could not put it down. And will be patiently (well, try to be patient) waiting for the next book in this series. I am hooked on it. I am so glad I was given a chance to review this book. It's been on my TBR list since it's release. There characters are all so easy to love and connect with. Well, I loved all except for Sorin. Once you read the book, you'll understand why. I do think that he redeemed himself somewhat at the end though. Not fully, but a little bit.

Amira is the Princess of the Nephilim. She is often viewed as weak, although she is far from it. She just needs to believe in herself more. She grew so much in this book. At first she was just the naive little Princess that had a crush on the Captain of the Royal Guard, Caeden. 

Caeden is an awesome character and I loved how the story line went with him. 

This is definitely a series that I will continue to read. You won't be disappointed with this book, I promise.




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