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BLOG TOUR & REVIEW of Tempt My Heart

Title: Tempt My Heart
Author: Danielle Jamie 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: May 2 2014

**WARNING** This book will emotionally wreck you!! Do not read at work or in a crowd of people unless you're okay with them watching you ugly cry like Farrah Abraham haaa!! Then as soon as you recover from your emotional breakdown prepare to be VERY hot & bothered!!! This is a heart wrenching tale of love and loss with a sexy twist in the form of rockers Jordon Valentine and Brittan McKenna. If you love sexy rockstars and are a sucker for a sad story then Tempt My Heart is your kind of book. Bloggers say they haven't cried this hard since 'Taking Chances' By Molly McAdams and crushed so hard on a rocker since Kellan Kyle! This standalone is a must read! Brittan McKenna and Jordon Valentine are going to rock your world. BLURB! Brittan McKenna’s life was perfect. After getting engaged to her high school sweetheart her happily ever after seemed to be all planned out. However after 9/11 her fiancé drops out of college to enlist; Brittan’s life takes a swift turn.During his tour she tried to stay strong and hold onto the hope that he'd soon return to her, but then the unthinkable happens and she gets the news every military spouse prays they never have to hear. On the day Cane died, Brittan believed her heart had died along with him...or so she thought until her passion for music causes her to blaze a new trail testing fate and “tempting tomorrow”. Eight years marks the anniversary of Cane’s death when Brittan sets eyes upon Jordon; a guitarist whose shrouded in mystery and a world class bad boy for her bands opening act, Tempting Tomorrow. Will he have that spark to set Brittan’s heart a light? After swearing off love will Brittan allow herself to feel again after years of trying anything to numb her pain and heartache? Does Jordon have what it takes to win her heart and make Brittan love again? Falling for a rock star is a dangerous game, but it’s a hopeless task when you both have hidden demons. For Jordon love does not exist... not until he meets the lovely Brittan who has the power to tame the untameable beast inside of him. Will Brittan open her heart to love or will she sabotage the relationship before it even has a chance?

I think my heart just stopped and then started again, as I take in the site of Brittan wearing boy short panties and a tight tee. A ghost of a smile creeps across my lips as her eyes land on mine.
Her mouth makes an O shape and she screams, “Holy shit, Jordon!” while trying to tug her very tiny tee down.
I kick my foot up on my knee and stretch my arms out along the bench seat as I relax against in the booth. Her all of a sudden shyness is adorable and making my dick stir to life in my jeans. I let out a low raspy laugh, “I don’t know why you’re all of a sudden all bashful. It’s not like I haven’t been up close and very personal with what’s under those adorable leopard panties of yours.”
Plopping down across from me she furrows her brows as she snatches the latte from in front of me, “Sorry I’m a little more self-conscious when I’m not drunk.”
“Well with a body like that, you should never feel self-conscious because I swear on this blueberry muffin,” I actually got a small smile out of her with that one, “You have the hottest body to ever grace this earth…and believe me I’ve seen my fair share. So you need to take my word for it.”
Breaking off a piece of her chocolate muffin she’s been nibbling on she chucks the chunk of muffin at my head and lets out the cutest little laugh, “You’re such a pig. But thanks, I guess.”
“You’re welcome. Now that you’re caffeinated is it safe to ask you about last night without being kicked in the baby makers and tossed out on my ass?” I ask as I sip my latte, and prepare myself for a Brittan bitch slap.
Brittan doesn’t speak for a few moments; she just stares down at her muffin while scooping whipped cream off of her latte and licking it off her finger.
Fuck. I am trying to be Mr. Concerned but it’s really hard when she is doing shit that’s making mehard.
Now I know why guys and girls aren’t normally ‘just friends.’

One word, Cane. Eight years without him, she's went down the rabbit hole. Can Brittan find the person she was before that faithful day?

Brittany had it all, the amazing All American boyfriend, friends and a future. September 11th changed that all for Brittan. Her fiancé, Cane, has decided to protect the country and join the Army.

Everything was okay, but with uniformed men showing up at their house, her life will change.

Sex, drugs and rock and roll, that's Brittan's life now. Falling down the rabbit hole, has landed her in rehab, can she kick the drugs or is it all to late?

Beyond Redemption, her band and Tempting Tomorrow will tour together, but can she keep it together, stay clean or will she lose it all?

"What are you doing to me Brittan McKenna?"- Jordan 

Jordan, the lead guitarist for Tempting Tomorrow, will have Brittan feeling things she hasn't felt in eight long years, but can she give in? You only get one true love of your life and Cain was hers.

"I'm afraid that if i allow myself to love again, Ill forget about you."- Brittan

Do we get another chance at love, if God takes your first away? Can Brittan find the person she used to be? Will Jordan show Brittan love again? Overall, is this something Cane would want?

"No matter what happened with Cane, I believe you would've come into my life one way, or another. Our souls were destined to meet, and deep in my heart i believe that overseas or at home, Cane's soul was destined to cross over that day."- Brittan

Tempt My heart is a heart breaking book... Make sure you have some tissues handy. I absolute devoured this book, I had to know everything. I wanted to help Brittan. Shit, to save Cane. Cane, what a great character he was. For the short time we knew him, you will hurt along with Brittan for him. I rooted for her. Jordan. Maybe the ones we lose sends us the people we need in our life. This book has everything, sadness, lost, love, redemption, surviving, overcoming. I could go on and on. I'm a huge fan of Danielle's. So, I knew this book would be a home run for her, and it was. She showed us readers that she isn't stuck in the one series, the Savannah Series. She can venture out and create new characters we will love, and a whole new storyline. But we do get a little surprise. I laughed my ass off, y'all will love it!!! Are you ready to cry like a baby and curse Danielle out for making you ugly cry? Where's your tissues, a big glass of wine and hell, throw some chocolates in there, you'll need it. 

"I don't know if God is keeping you fully stocked with your dip, so I brought you a can. Don't want you bored while you're waiting for me."

Amazon Bestselling Author and a mother of 3 wonderful kids. Madison 10 Bailey 6 and Finn 2. I run a successful online boutique, Bailey Booper’s Boutique; many of my items featured on Teen Mom 2. 
I live in a small town in NY with my husband of 11 years, enjoying my happily ever after. My perfect day is spending time at the beach, I love the Ocean. I’m an outdoorsy type of girl; every chance I get I’m outside walking or running around with my kids.

I have been writing for as long as I can remember but I finally decide to peruse my dreams of sharing my stories with the world when I published my first Novel Irresistible Desire back in March 2013.

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