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Review & Giveaway of Finding Solace by Barbara Speak

*Review & Giveaway of Finding Solace by Barbara Speak*

Title: Finding Solace  Author: Barbara Speak

Genre: Contemporary Romance  Expected Publication: December 16, 2013 (AVAILABLE NOW)

When Sadie Warren finds herself struggling to overcome an abusive relationship after high school, she seeks confidence by using random men to gain strength. All of that changes after one encounter leaves her to question everything she thinks she knows about who she is. In her journey of self discovery, Sadie finds out the hard way that sometimes love just isn't enough. Then again, it can be.

*My Review*
In life we are introduced to certain people who will make a difference, for Sadie that statement couldn't be truer. When you love something so much, it isn't easy to let it go.

Sadie has had her heart and spirit broken by someone who she thought loved her. Trying to get pass that hurt she has given her body to guys and drowned her sorrows in drinks.

A chance encounter will forever change Sadie's life. A man that will show her how beautiful she is, how important she is and how she should believe in herself. Their friendship mean's everything to Sadie, and maybe, just maybe she could have feelings for him.

 "I'm serious Sadie. I never want to see you sad. You deserve the world, beautiful. You deserve the best a man can offer. I never want you to settle for anything less." -Colt

There is always special people that are brought into our life. Either to teach us or show us stuff we couldn't see for our self, and that is who Colt is to Sadie.

With an amazing circle of friends who are there no matter what. They are all each others backbones. They are more then friends, they are family. The life Sadie knows will soon change, but will it all be for the best or the worst?

When decision's and ultimatums are on the table, what will Sadie choose?

 "Oh girl, you're already my dream come true. Now my life's mission is make all yours happen."

*This reviewer's thoughts*
Finding Solace has a great group of characters that I loved. This book is full of love, pain, heart ache and laughter. I seriously laughed so hard a few times while reading this book. When you get to those parts, you'll understand. This story follows Sadie's ups and downs for about three plus years, in that time you will find yourself probably wanting to throw something at Sadie or wanting to punch Colt. I know I did! I wanted her to throw him out, but she couldn't and now I know why. I gave this book 4 stars, not because I didn't like it, because I did. To me this book could have been made into two books, it was really long and I found myself rushing through it because of that fact. A story too long isn't a bad thing, but I felt it could have been even better into two books. I know, who cry's over a book being too long? I guess I do.  Other than that I enjoyed Sadie's book. I liked how she would talk to the readers and how she comes full circle. It truly is a story of finding your true love and everything that comes with that. Sadie grows so much during this book and I love seeing the lady she became. Reader's will be shocked and in awe at a certain point and think "Damn I didn't see that coming." I can't forget about the great group of friends she has around her, I need some like those. Drunk bowling, Demolition Ball, need I say more? I can't wait to see what the author does next. 4 STARS!

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  1. It's a beautiful piece of writing really draws you in to the story