Saturday, July 29, 2017

**RELEASE BLITZ With Giveaway** Nickel by Winter Travers

Title: Nickel
Series: Fallen Lords MC
Author: Winter Travers
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: July 29, 2017 
Model: Lance Jones
Photographer: LJ Photography
Cover Designer: Melissa Gill @ MG BookCovers

Simple. Neat. Orderly.
A place for everything, and everything in its place.
Karmen Handel’s life growing up had been anything but quiet and simple. A deadbeat father, a mother who never wanted her, and a grandmother who could care less were the perfect recipe to ensure Karmen built a wall around herself and never let anyone in. When her past comes back to haunt her, Karmen has no one to help her. Until Nickel.
Complicated. Dirty. Restless.
Live to ride. Ride to live.
Nickel Cunningham lives free with the brothers he calls family and has never craved anything more until he met Karmen. The shy, quiet nurse who cares for his grandma caught his eye months ago, and he hasn’t been able to get her off his mind since. Nickel knows what he wants, but he’s never had to fight for it before. Until Karmen. 
Three shots later, I was leaning heavily against the door as I opened it to Nickel, and a hiccup escaped from my lips. I might have gone one shot too many. “Hey,” I whispered, my free hand saluting him. Yeah, I just saluted Nickel. Kill me now. He pushed his way into my apartment, his arm circling my waist, and he pulled me to his side as he closed the door behind us. “Baby girl, did you start the party without me?” His face nuzzled my neck, and his lips brushed against my skin. My arms instinctively wrapped around his neck, and I closed my eyes, breathing in his scent. “You smell good,” I sighed. I needed to bottle him up and put him on my dresser. His scent that is, although I actually wouldn’t be opposed to having Nickel in my room whenever I wanted him. “We should go to my room. It has a lock on the door.” I was tipsy enough to turn the lock on my bedroom door and never let him out. A wonky smile spread across my lips, and Nickel leaned back to look down at me. “My girl is half in the bag and goofy as shit.” Horny more than goofy, but I wasn’t going to point that out. I had gone from nervous as hell to putty in this man hands. “I might have had a drink or four.” Nickel walked us over to the living room and pulled me down onto the couch with him. He grabbed my legs, swung them over his lap, and I leaned against the arm of the couch. “I confess, it was four.”
Winter Travers is a devoted wife, mother, and aunt turned author who was born and raised in Wisconsin. After a brief stint in South Carolina following her heart to chase the man who is now her hubby, they retreated back up North to the changing seasons, and the place they now call home.
Winter spends her days writing happily ever afters, and her nights zipping around on her forklift at work. She also has an addiction to anything MC related, her dog Thunder, and Mexican food! (Tamales!)
Winter loves to stay connected with her readers. Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact her.


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