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**BLOG TOUR With Giveaway** The Mitus Touch by Stoni Alexander

Today we have the blog tour for Stoni Alexander’s The Mitus Touch! Check out the tour and be sure to grab your copy today!

About The Mitus Touch:

She’s desperate for the one man she must avoid at all costs…   Wealth manager Brigit Farnay despises Colton Mitus. And with good reason. He ripped away her family’s company during the most painful time in her life. Forced to work with him, she can’t deny that Colton is gorgeous, brilliant, commanding. And the enemy. Her traitorous body craves his touch every moment of every day. And then she finds out about the erotic games he plays…   Corporate raider Colton Mitus is success and power personified. He demands control in the boardroom and in the bedroom. So he shouldn’t be tempted by the newest member of the Mitus team. But he is. Brigit challenges him and frustrates him, but also quiets the demons that haunt him, especially as she agrees to be drawn into his secret, sinful world.   The most lucrative deal of Colton’s career places Brigit’s family’s company in jeopardy. When old enemies return hell-bent on ruining him, Brigit is the only person who can save him. But she’s been keeping secrets that could destroy everything...

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A tender love ballad broke the awkwardness. Without hesitating, Colton snaked both arms around Brigit’s waist. Though she wanted to run her hands along his shoulders, she left her arms dangling by her side.
“It’s easier and a lot more fun if you actually touch me.” The thickness in his voice landed at the apex between her legs.
I want him. So badly.
His smoldering stare sent a jolt of electricity pounding through her. “Here, let me help.” He draped her arm over his shoulder. “Your turn.”
Pursing her lips to hide the smile, she placed her other hand on his shoulder. Her body heated, but not from the warmth of his skin seeping through his cotton shirt and onto her fingers. Laying her hands on his strong, hard body cemented her decision.
Tonight she would sleep with the enemy.
His stare never left hers. Could he feel her unrelenting need? The song ended and the lights brightened. Some staff continued drinking and talking, while others headed upstairs.
The connection hummed between them and her heart kicked up speed. Time to make her move. “Thank you for the opportunity to interview and meet your staff.”
“Calling it a night?”
With a sly smile, she nodded.
“Are you tired?”
“No. You?”
As he shook his head, his gaze wandered from her eyes to her mouth, then back to her eyes. “Thirsty?”
Slowly, she nodded. “I’ll text Taylor for sparking water.”
His lips curved just enough to let her know he was amused. “Putting me through the paces, aren’t you?” He offered his arm and she gripped his bicep. Rather than heading upstairs, he led her out back, onto the cobblestone walkway.
The blast of frigid air against her overheated skin felt invigorating. The full moon shone through the swaying tree branches illuminating their way like dancing fireflies as they headed toward the light in the guesthouse cottage.
Halfway there, he stopped. Slowly, he pivoted toward her. His deep, dark pools confirmed she wanted this—she wanted him—more than her next chilly breath. She squeezed his arm, set her sights on the house and continued forward in silence. He pressed a code on the keyless entry pad and the door clicked open. He pushed it wide and waited.
“No water in the main house?” She crossed the threshold.
“None.” He closed the door behind them. “Fortunately, I’ve stashed some bottles here. You know, for emergencies.”
“What a godsend! I can’t imagine having to drink tap water.”
On a chuckle, he held her hand and led her through the small foyer. Sizzling energy skirted up her arm. Her hand felt tiny nestled in his large one, but as soon as they entered the kitchen, she pulled her hand away.
“Shane whipped up a surprise dessert. Shall we be naughty and have a bite?”
He planned this. “Perhaps a nibble.”
Opening the refrigerator, he pulled out a tiramisu log cake. “This is going to be a sweet, creamy delight.” He dragged his tongue over his lower lip.
Oh, God. Her insides quivered. They held eye contact for an extra second before he set the dessert on the table. While he sliced two pieces and placed them on dessert plates, she opened cupboards.
“Let me help.” As he stepped behind her, he opened an adjacent cupboard then pressed against her backside. The weight of his body stirred her insides. Though he set the glasses on the counter, he didn’t move away. Gulping down a breath, she turned around and peered into his eyes.
So close. So handsome. So wrong.

About Stoni Alexander:

  Stoni Alexander writes erotic romance about tortured alpha males and independent, strong-willed heroines. In a previous life, she ventured into acting, appearing in numerous television, film and stage productions before transitioning to a successful career in business.   Having spent her childhood moving around like a gypsy, Stoni appreciates her deep-seated roots in the DC metro area. She’s married to the love of her life, is an überproud football mom, and dreams of the day when her muse will inspire her at will.   A Virginia Tech graduate with degrees in Communications and Spanish, Stoni also holds a Master’s in Marketing Management from the University of Maryland University College. She’s a proud member of the Romance Writer’s of America, the Maryland Romance Writers and the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi.

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