Friday, August 11, 2017

**REVIEW** Through His Touch by Deborah Camp



Sexy, suspenseful #2 novel of the Mind's Eye Series by Deborah Camp. Psychic detectives Levi Wolfe and Trudy Tucker face an unknown foe who is determined to destroy everything beautiful in Levi's life -- including Trudy. Will Levi's love claim her or kill her?

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This is the second book in the Mind’s Eye series. They do need to be read in order. It is a continuation from Through His Eyes. It picks up where Through His Eyes ends. I had my ideas about the last books ending. And I was kinda right, for the most part. This is another enjoyable read and I will be starting the next book as soon as I can. 

Levi and Trudy are trying this whole relationship thing. Being long distance is rough, for both of them, but especially hard for Levi. He is a man-whore, or was a man-whore. He is trying to stay faithful to Trudy. I had my doubts at first if he could or not. 

He is starting to open up, little by little, to Trudy. Most of the time, he is forced to tell her because something happened. 

Not only are they starting this relationship, they have to deal with a stalker and a murderer also. 

The murderer hates Levi, this is very personal.

Levi grows a lot in this book. I can completely understand why he has the issues that he does have. Especially after reading what he has gone through.

“You, Trudy Tucker, blew through me like a Tulsa twister and obliterated my organized, satisfying existence.”

I love how Trudy sees into him and doesn’t let him keep hiding.

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Author of more than 45 novels, Deborah lives in Oklahoma. She has been a full-time writer since she graduated from the University of Tulsa. She worked for a few years as a reporter for newspapers before becoming a freelance writer. Deborah's first novel was published in the late 1970s and her books have been published by Jove, New American Library, Harlequin, Silhouette, and Avon. She has been inducted into the Oklahoma Authors Hall of Fame and she is a charter member of the Romance Writers of America. She is also a member of the Author's Guild.
Lover of the west and the people who tried to tame it, Deborah likes to write about strong, independent women and the men who are their equals. She grew up on a diet of TV westerns which have served her well. Since she appreciates men with devilish twinkles in their eyes, she likes to mix laughter in with the love scenes in her books. Also widely published in non-fiction, she writes and edits for a magazine focused on small businesses. Deborah taught fiction writing for more than 10 years at a community college. She is currently working on her next historical romance set in the wild, wonderful west.
Her books have been re-issued on Amazon for Kindle Direct and have attracted tens of thousands of new fans.


Stay tuned for reviews on the other 2 books in the series! 

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  1. Thanks for the review! So glad you enjoyed #2 and Levi and Trudy fighting to be together and understand each other. The case they're working on in each book is concluded in each novel, but their relationship evolves from book to book.