Monday, July 24, 2017

**BOOK BLITZ WITH REVIEW** Playing Fate by Leigh Ann Lunsford


Book Blitz: Playing Fate
by Leigh Ann Lunsford

Genre: Sports Romance / New Adult
Series: Endgame, Book One

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Deacon Douglas has it all. A loving home, good looks, a fast track to the major league.

But then he makes a mistake. A mistake that would derail most, but not him. He takes the challenge, turns the mistake into another accomplishment. His life is altered - for the better.

Saylor Lewis is just a girl. A girl she doesn't even know. Always the good girl, never rocking the boat, never living for the moment. Until she attends college - out of state.

He's wide open; she's hidden away. He wants her. She just wants success.

She fights. He fights harder. He fights dirty. They each have an endgame ... will it be each other? 

Let me start this review by saying that I absolutely love Leigh Ann and all of her books. This one is no different.

I loved it and couldn’t put it down. The writing and the characters are awesome.

I love Saylor. Yes, she has some issues. But, she works through them and she really finds herself in this book. It does take her some time to come out of her shell, but she does.

She just needed a reason. Well, she got two reasons.

Deacon is awesome. What he is doing, as a nineteen-year-old, wow. Most wouldn’t do it.

These two are perfect for each other.

The rest of the crew is amazing. I love the banter between Mase and Saylor. Emberlee, I’m on the fence with still. But I can’t wait to read her story next.

I’ve been hooked on Leigh Ann’s writing since her very first book.

I’m going to love this series just as much as I loved the Parker Siblings and Brise.

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