Tuesday, June 12, 2018

**RELEASE BLITZ WITH REVIEW** Cord's Chance by Lindsay Cross

Cord’s Chance by Lindsay Cross

He thought he was done. His career as a special forces sniper was over. He’d lost his leg and his dignity in that ambush. Now, after nearly a year of rehab, he was fighting the toughest battle in his life: prove he was still worthy to serve.
His chance:
Contract with Fury Security to pull protection for a rancher by the name of Sam Bishop. If he succeeded in routing out the bad guy, Cord would be back on the team.
The bonus:
He’d be able to get the hell away from all the counselors and therapists trying to tell him how to come to grips with his PTSD and missing limb. There were no emotions and feelings in west Texas, just rough necks and grit. Exactly what he needed.
The catch: 
Sam’s real name is Samantha and she’s not a codgy old man – she’s the one girl from Cord’s past he never got over. He thought he’d lost his chance with her, and now that he wasn’t a whole man, he didn’t deserve her.
Samantha is determined to show Cord he’s everything she ever wanted. Her biggest battle isn’t the stalker threatening her life: it’s making Cord see he’s worthy of her love and so much more.

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This is the first book by Lindsay Cross that I’ve read.  I know it’s part of a series and I’ve already purchased the first book and will read it as soon as I get a chance to.

Cord is a great character.  He lost a leg on his last mission.  We meet him as he is finishing up in rehab trying to get ready to rejoin his team as a sniper.  He has busted his ass getting to this point.

He has to prove himself by taking a civilian protection job.

Samantha is amazing.  Her rehab center is for wounded vets and abused horses.  She gives them her all. 

But she has a stalker.  That’s where Cord comes in.

They have a past though.

This is a great second chance read.  It’s fast paced and has some steamy scenes.

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