Saturday, August 5, 2017

**BLOG TOUR With Giveaway** Somethin' For Nothin' by M.T. Bass

Somethin' for Nothin'
by M.T. Bass
Genre: Thriller/Suspense
Release Date: February 2, 2016

An Action Misadventure Thriller from The Last Frontier: In Alaska, you can see yourself scream...
"Bass' tale...exudes freshness, courtesy of a memorable snowy backdrop and indelible characters." — Kirkus Reviews 
" exciting, fast-paced novel...Featuring well drawn characters..." — The BookLife Prize in Fiction
Anchorage, 1976 — Albert and Waxy flunk their Intro to Philosophy midterm and drunkenly decide to drop out of The Ohio State University and go to Alaska to "strike it rich" working on the Trans Alaska Pipeline. After Albert's father cuts off his credit card, they get bartending & dishwashing jobs at an Anchorage bar, where Albert becomes involved with the bar owner's girlfriend, CiCi, who is also the lead singer in the house band. Albert "acquires" a union card to get a pipeline job for himself, but then learns that Waxy has become part of a crazy scheme with Jimmi the Pilot, Beantown Bob and Moe the Eskimo to find and recover a long lost government payroll from an Air Force cargo plane that crashed in the Alaska Mountain Range decades ago.

M.T. Bass is a scribbler of fiction who holds fast to the notion that while victors may get to write history, novelists get to write/right reality. He lives, writes, flies and makes music in Mudcat Falls, USA.


  1. Great to have you in on the Somethin' for Nothin' Blog Tour. Thanks. ~M.T. Bass

    But pleasant thoughts of a life together with Emma were chilled by the cold shadow of death from the stories Moe the Eskimo told of the hard, clawed grip the unreachable treasure held over his village and the tragedies their greed for it spawned. The empty hours of his dish washing shift had been filled with these thoughts, which left him more exhausted than the actual physical labors of the job. He was tired of thinking. He was scared of what might happen if they actually found the plane wreck. He stood at a precipice, frozen in doubt, not knowing what to do. Stay and join Beantown Bob and Jimmi the Pilot in their crazy scheme? Be patient and eventually join Albert at Camp Delta? Use the money he had secretly saved from washing dishes to buy a plane ticket back to Ohio, back to his father’s farm and the surrender to failure it would mean—especially the failure of his own Big Picture to ever possibly come true.

    But what if they were right about the treasure? Could it make him rich? Then again, what if they found it, but the hungry wolf of Moe the Eskimo’s past came back again—this time for them? Waxy tired of thinking. He was just plain worn down and worn out with worry and unanswered wonderings.

    Waxy shrugged.

    “You going to stick around?”

    He felt the weight of the question bear down on him. Waxy shrugged again.

    “I’d miss you, if you left.” It surprised Emma that saying it out loud seemed to crystallize the vague feelings that swirled in and out of her consciousness like a thick, ghostly fog oozing between the downtown buildings off Cook’s Inlet into something real and tangible. By the time the words had been said, she realized that she really meant them.

    Waxy looked up at Emma and furrowed his brow at her unexpected confession.
    She smiled vulnerably.

    At that moment, Waxy knew he was in on the plan.