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**RELEASE BLITZ WITH REVIEW** Fighting Fate by Leigh Ann Lunsford

Release Blitz & Book Spotlight
Title: Fighting Fate
Series: Endgame Series #4
Release Date: June 5, 2017


Avery Michaels is an artist. She’s mastered the art of lying. Hiding. Sneaking around with the one boy she loves. Her role in the lives of her friends has always been the dependable one, level headed one . . . the one to turn to in times of trouble. A role she takes seriously— enough to demand her relationship stay in the shadows, so it won’t interfere with the lives of her friends and their needs. 

Juggling college and a love nobody is aware of— is becoming more than she can handle. Just as the truth is set to be exposed, consequences be damned, it’s derailed and blown to hell.

Now, without the love that grounded her, fractured friendships, and an opportunity of a lifetime— will she take it or fight for her endgame? Her fate is in the hands of this one decision . . . she needs to choose wisely.

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OMG we finally get Avery's story!!! And I couldn't be more happy about it!

This is the fourth book in the Endgame series. You really should read these in order. We do get a recap of everything that has happened with this group of friends for the past four years. It is in Avery's point of view, so you'll be missing out on the other stories and everything that has happened.

We finally learn who Avery has been keeping secret from the group. And I'm not telling either! Leigh Ann did trick me though, only for a little while.

Avery has such a huge heart. The whole lost and found is awesome. The only downfall is that she puts everyone, and I do mean everyone, before herself. The mystery person goes along with her because they would do anything for her.

I love them both. I wish they put themselves first though.

Now I love a great cliff hanger, but why would you do this to me??!!!

I need the next book ASAP!!

I absolutely love this series and the characters.


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Author Bio:

Leigh Ann Lunsford is stay at home mom turned author. She writes Romance/New Adult and loves her happily ever after in all books and movies. She lives with her husband, son, and four dogs in Fleming Island, Florida. When she isn’t writing or reading you can find her stuck in front of really bad reality shows or watching Sons of Anarchy. Leigh Ann has a filthy mouth and a huge amount of sarcasm that knows no end. She hopes to give the voices in her head an outlet with many more novels to come. 

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